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Deceivingly uncephalopodic in appearance Octopi Studio is a small visual design studio of one—me—Stefan Knorr, standardly equipped—two arms, two legs—but with a pronounced inability to do just one thing.

I'm an artist, a problem solver, a motion graphics & interactive web designer who can code (html/css, some javascript and actionscript).  I value versatility for the bigger picture it reveals, for its expansion of possibilities.

My idea of design embraces the full sense of the word, combining utility—user experience and business goals—with aesthetics. Pretty is only half the picture;
I make sure the whole picture is working for you. So you'll look good no matter what browser people are using. So that search engines—and people—can easily find you. So that your site reflects, and extends, the quality of your business.


If you want out-of-the-ordinary yet clear, elegant, and effective design, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s some of what I do:

  1. websites. Like the one you're looking at now  ( : Custom designed to enhance your message, service or product. Built to perform quickly and solidly. WordPress solutions available as well.
  2. motion graphics: video, animation and sound. I can help you make and effectively integrate video and motion graphics into your website.
  3. Identity development, logo, and brand design.
  4. Illustration and photography.
  5. print. Books, brochures, catalogues, packaging and anything that needs to be printed.

  Thanks for visiting!

To contact me for availability, questions, or just to say hello —

  1. Email: stefan@octopistudio.com